Chamfer Acrylic plate (Mask hanger) – JIG

Original: 2020/07/29
English version:2021/03/23

By the pandemic of Wuhan virus, we have to wear a mask to avoid the infection.
There are various types of mask are sold in shops, throwaway, washable and so on.
For washable masks, I have designed “mask hanger” with 3mm acrylic plate.
It keeps the form of the mask while drying it in outside or in bath room.

The mask hangers are machined 8 pieces at a time from 300x223mm acrylic plate by my homebuilt CNC milling machine using VCarvePro.

Acrylic plate is fixed with double-sided adhesive tape on the machine table.
Cut out and chamfer the contour can be done simultaneously. 
However, back side chamfer of the parts has to make one by one afterward.

To chamfer the back side of the parts, a JIG is designed as follows;

Find handy-sized plastic block to meet the size of the part from my junk box.

(1) Drill bolt holes and 5mm pin holes (to locate and clamp the jig on T-slot).
      The pins and T-slot nuts are seen in the photo below.
(2) Glue an aluminum plate at a corner of the material.

(3) Fix the material on the machine table.
(4) Cut the pocket and the corner of the aluminium plate simultaneously.
     Corner of the aluminium plate is set X0Y0 while designing on CAD.

With this procedure, the JIG can be fixed wherever on the machine table using “X-Y Probing Wizard” of 2010Screenset of Mach3.
Hosepipe from a dust collector is connected to the pocket, it works like a vacuum chuck to hold the part.

Probing X0 Y0;

Then, place a part and set Z0;


Chamfer the back side, works fine !!



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